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Buy Hyaluronic acid and benefit from the same active ingredients as Artefill and Restylane. Are you looking for the great results you have come to expect from high profile products like Radiesse, Artefill, Restylane and Sculptra? Our products contain the same API in an enhanced formula. Higher quality products at a fraction of the cost, shipped discreetly to your door.

Why You Should Buy Juvederm

Looking to fill even the deepest lines? Do you feel like your eyes or lips just need a little lift? Want to look 10 years younger? If you said yes to these questions it is time for you to buy Juvederm. Juvederm is a premixed, hyaluronic acid based and easy to use product that instantly fills lines and plums lips. It is a cost effective filler with great customer reviews to back it up. It is also infused with 2% lidocaine, while most other fillers have only 0.3%, to increase comfort during the treatment.

What makes people want to buy Juvederm? Aside from creating instant results, it also is 100% safe, made of natural animal products, and very cost effective. You can buy 5 3ml syringe refills for only $885.48. That’s only $65 per ml of product. (The best part is that shipping is included in this price.) While most other fullers are either inexpensive or not the quality you are looking for, with Juvederm, you get a high quality product without having to compromise on price, in this case you are getting much more then you pay for. Another great thing is the product can be returned at any point for a full refund.

Now, you may be wondering where Juvederm can be used on the face. It would be easier to ask where is couldn’t be used. When you buy Juvederm, take it to your practitioner and they will be able to treat many areas of the face. Juvederm have been used to stop preliminary signs of aging, such as fines lines, it is used to correct smile lines, for sunken eyes and lip correction. As long as you make exactly what you want clear to your practitioner, the area of our face that has been a source of self-consciousness can be fixed after one treatment   and for 8-12 months you won’t have to worry about people noticing it.

How does it work you may ask? Unlike some of the other fillers that are on the market today when you buy Juvederm, you aren’t buying an artificial material to just sit in the layers of your skin, Juvederm working in a much more complex way. As you age the hyaluronic acid in your skin begins to break down. The hyaluronic acid in your skin is what induces the formation of collagen in the skin. By injecting that hyaluronic acid back into the skin it makes the skin much more youthful and full. The hyaluronic acid acts like a glue to keep the skin and collagen cells close together.

People have great things to say after they buy Juvederm, some of the most common compliments on our product are, “I went to work that afternoon”, “No pain, no bruising and no swelling!”, “Perfect!”. With reviews like this you know you are buying a quality product. When you buy Juvederm, you aren’t just buying a product you are buying a new lifestyle. When you look younger, you feel younger, and when you feel younger the world is at your feet.