Buy CAHA Radiesse Calcium Hydroxylapatite

Calcium hydroxylapatite (CHP / CAHA) is another comparatively new product that is made from synthetically formed calcium phosphate pearls, a procedure that is classified as bioceramics and involves the ionic bonding of calcium and phosphate ions. When injected they form a foundation within a matrix that allows the local cellular infiltration of fibroblasts. e complex is available as a gel to allow easier application.

Again, as for the majority of injectable llers, there are 40 clinical trials that show equivalence or even superiority to standard products (Comite et al. 2004; Sklar and White 2004; Tzikas 2004). Based on information from the manufacturer, the e ects of this product should last longer than for other biodegradable products.

In contrast to the other fillers, CHP is visible on x-rays; patients should be informed of this so that they can tell their doctors should they re- quire an x-ray of the face.